Areas of Expertise

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Mohamed H. Amin, ESQ > Practices

Law Offices of Mohamed Amin

Our New York and New Jersey based law firm assists clients with a full spectrum of real estate matters, including:

• Affordable housing — Low-income housing tax credits, private activity bond transactions, regulatory agreements and other issues.

• Commercial leases — Office leases, industrial leases, mixed-use project leases and more.

• Investment partnerships — Review and integration of all necessary documents to form a limited liability company (LLP) or real estate development partnership.

• Real estate fraud — Failure to disclose construction defects, equity skimming, mortgage fraud, predatory lending and other issues.

• Real estate investment trusts (REITs) — Obtaining bridge loans and mezzanine financing, negotiating land use approvals, planning joint ventures and more.

• Real estate litigation — Boundary and easement disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, breach of purchase and sale agreements, asbestos litigation, lender liability and other matters.

• Risk management — Insurance coverage analysis, policy negotiations, claims strategies and more.

• Property management — Listing and management agreements, build-to-suit and reverse build-to-suit leases, environmental contamination and air remediation, landlord liability, rent collections and related matters.

• Purchases and sales — Acquisition or disposition agreements, brokerage agreements, escrow holdback agreements and estoppels, conducting due diligence and more.

• Condominium conversions