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The Trusted Voice on Real Estate and Planning and Zoning Issues

Our principal New York and New Jersey real estate lawyer, Mohamed H. Amin, Esq., brings an extensive experience to the aid of real estate developers and other clients throughout New York and New Jersey. Mohamed H. Amin, Esq., is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and New Jersey and has vast experience in Real Estate Investing.

The Law Offices of Mohamed Amin was founded in 2012 and represents clients in New York and New Jersey. Our offices are in Hackensack, Astoria, and Brooklyn. Our firm represents many commercial investors in their purchase and sale of real estate in New York and New Jersey, as well as in their real estate asset portfolio maintenance of Real Estate assets, and procurement of financing for large scale commercial and residential development projects. Firm also represents lenders and banking institutions in drafting loan documents and representing them in closings of loans. Firm specializes in forming different types of corporations, drafting corporate documents, representing parties in asset purchases and sales of corporate stocks and represents clients in drafting joint venture agreements.